America’s Shortcomings

America is my home. Will it ever be a place where I feel comfortable? Probably not. I am a young black man in America and it seems everyday another person like me is being killed. I am not even from this country, but because I resemble a black man, I am grouped with every other person with a similar skin tone. Just recently, a black man was shot and killed by a volunteer cop who thought he was pulling out his taser. How many times are we going to allow cops to wrongfully kill black men and go unpunished? These black individuals that died claimed the same country that the white officers do now, but blacks will always be considered second class statements. Why is that? In the eyes of many so called “non-racists,” white is still the supreme race.

The law is supposed to protect us all. All includes blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, and all other nationalities and races that live in this country. However, because of the stigma that goes along with certain races, they are not given the benefit of the doubt in most situations. As said in the article Deadly Symbiosis by Loic Wacquant, there were more blacks in prison or unemployed than any other race. In fact, blacks make up most of our prison population today. Black men, for some reason, seemed to be labeled as a threat to the American society. No one can deny this because what happens when a black man walks down the street at night? You walk on the other side of the street. What happens when a black man walks into the elevator with a woman? They automatically switch their handbag to a location that is not accessible to him.

America is a place where we all should feel safe, but due to our shortcomings, only a select few have the luxury to feel that secure. Will our country change to provide the same level of security to all people? I highly doubt it based on the direction we are going in now. Once again, I will stress the importance of people not being naive to the situation and working towards equality, but this will not end until more lives are lost. More harmless individuals will continue to lose their lives at the hands of racial inequality.  We can no longer act uneducated; each and every one of our lives matter.


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