Black on Black Violence

There has been a lot of media coverage recently about the protests and killings between white officers and black civilians. I have very strong opinions on those matters because as a young black man, these are individuals just like me being killed. I struggle with the idea that I could be in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting racially profiled by some cop supposedly doing his job, but I know the possibility is out there. Even though I worry about that, I still wonder why people, especially minorities, do not acknowledge that we (minorities) kill each other too. In no way am I dispelling the outrage that has occurred for numerous years throughout US history, but in a country that was built off of violence, I don’t understand why blacks continue to kill themselves.

In the days of slavery, minorities did not have the protection of the law or law enforcement. Instead, minorities were put in a position where they had to stick together. Throughout history, there were periods of time that unified the minority community, and yet gang violence has continued to rise in America. Not saying that whites are not apart of gangs also, but the majority of them are made up of minorities. We continue to kill each other, but we seem to pay more attention to white on black violence instead of black on black violence.

Is it because of the history behind all of this? There is so much significance behind a white person killing minorities dating back to those same days of slavery. What I am trying to say is we need to work harder to stop making the job for white officers easier by uplifting each other instead of killing one another. This is one of the only ways minorities can ever fight back against the unequivocal crimes against them.


2 thoughts on “Black on Black Violence

  1. Trent, you raise a great question above and I really think that the media does a great job of really deciding what they want us to see and what they want to keep from us. When the media has to make the decision to either cover a story about a gang crime that resulted in another gang member dead, or about a white man killing a black man, the choice becomes not about what the media feel like covering but what will get the biggest reaction and spark the most controversial conversations for days and weeks to come. The media is an outlet of information but not the kind of information that people just watch and think about. The media’s main job is to cover the most controversial events that occur so that they can say that they had a piece of the action. Of course this is by no means acceptable or what we should want in a society, but the fact of the matter is that the general public does not want to hear about gang violence when it is between two rival gangs. The public wants to hear about the innocent boy who is beaten by a police officer for no reason. It draws in the attention of everyone and starts the fire behind debate and crime, two things that everyone cannot get enough of. So I am not so sure if it is because of history or what slavery has done to both sides in the matter of what is shown to the public or not, but more of what excited the people who watch the news everyday.


    1. Nick, you are completely right, but the thing I was trying to get at in my post was not necessarily that black on black violence isn’t covered, but the idea that blacks killing blacks allow white officers to get away with killing innocent black men. I want black on black violence to end, but gang violence will continue on until someone puts an obvious stop to it. If the media had to cover gang violence, that would probably be all the news had to show.

      What I meant by we continue to pay attention to white on black violence more had nothing to do with the media necessarily, but with the idea that minorities want justice for something that they do to each other. At that point, killing is no longer based on race, but in my opinion, it is based on stupidity. We can do so much better if we took the time to unify instead of fight against each other, but with the rise in gang violence over a lot of years, it is hard for me to imagine this happening any time soon.

      The good part about this is with the ‘riots’ and protests occurring in Baltimore, gangs seem to be putting aside their animosity between each other and fighting for a common cause. This is a step in the right direction. In order for us to not seem hypocritical, what I want to see is blacks not killing blacks, but supporting each other. Even though this is not what our media wants to see, I think there are better and more positive stories to be told than violence in America.


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